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Great Historic Videos from
Gohmann and Associates-Railmode, Inc.

Pop these videos in your player and lean back in your easy chair for a trip to yesteryear railroading and see freight and passenger trains of a bygone era operated by dozens of railroads that no longer exist today, much on now abandoned track.

All videos are in color unless otherwise noted.


All Gohmann & Associates/Railmode Videos

available in VHS and DVD $7 each or 2/$13
except Midwest Milwaukee Memories

The California Zephyr
A beautiful travelogue of this famous train, en route from Chicago to San Francisco, sponsored by the CBQ, DRGW and Western Pacific Railroads—this color film on video shows the interior of the train, many great run-by scenes in Illinois, Iowa, the mountains of Colorado and Utah, and California with the power of each of the three operating roads. And, a lot of scenery along the route as well. Circa 1950.

Empire on Parade (with bonus video- From the Car Window)
See the railroad James J. Hill built, and the empire too, by following the Great Northern Railroad from St. Paul to the Pacific Northwest. Sports many great shots of GN freight, passenger, electric trains, power, and aboard the newly domed Empire Builder.
Approximately 45 minutes.

Empire Builder and Midwest Railroading Summer 2004 Ride the Milwaukee Hiawatha route between Chicago and the Twin Cities.
Approximately 42 minutes.

  • History of the Rails Video Series
    Slides of 1950’s through 1980’s railroading, all around the country, reproduced on video. Each volume is narrated with some historic color. Most form the camera and collection of John Gohmann, who has been following trains on camera since the mid-1950’s. Vol 1, 2,3

    • Volume I
      A BN Legacy—Hundreds of photos of the CBQ, GN , NP, SPS and Frisco, which made up the BN system, of both freight and passenger, diesel and steam operation are shown.
      Approximately 75 minutes.

    • Volume II
      Rail Classics of Yesteryear—Dozens of railroads, all defunct, like the Erie, Wabash, PRR, NYC, Monon, ATSF, GTW, IC, ACL, SOU, N&W, L&N, RI, NYNH&H, car ferries, and more are shown in this 2 hour, 15 minute slide show—an evening in and of it self.
      Approximately 135 minutes.

    • Volume III
      See more fallen flags like the Rock Island, B&O, C&O, C&EI, M&STL, CGW, CNW, Milwaukee, MOPAC, TP&W and many more—freight and passenger operations. Also, stations like Cincinnati Union Terminal, Chicago Dearborn, La Salle, Central, and Union Stations, Omaha Union Station, St. Louis, and many more as we take you back to a grand era of railroading of the past.
      Approximately 100 minutes.

Mainline USA
A 25 minute early 1950’s post WWII film in color about the great development of American railroads and how they served the nation at war as well as the industrial growth of the 1950’s. Many run-by shots and other filming of fallen flags are also in this one.
Approximately 25 minutes.

Midwest Milwaukee Memories $7.95
Collection of over 120 color slides from late 1950's through mid 1970's from John Gohmann's collection. You'll see lots of action around Maion and Cedar Rapids, where John grew up including ALcos, FM, and EMD power of the era. .
Approximately 60 minutes MMM

Once Upon the Wabash
A newly married couple on their honeymoon is riding in a late 40’s model convertible along the Wabash mainline, when suddenly, the dining steward on the “Blue Bird,” exercising magical powers, whisks the couple onto the train at the wish of the new bride. They are given a tour of the train and then a 40 minute tour of the great Wabash Railroad empire. Meet the hogger of the Wabash, who demonstrates the country and quieter “city” whistles of the Blue Bird—as the Wabash is a “friendly road.” This one may bring a tear to your eye.

Pacific Northwest Holiday
A honeymooning couple visits Milwaukee Road Travel Agent Smith who takes them on a trip from Chicago to Seattle on the new Super Dome Olympian Hiawatha, replete with footage in the diner, coaches, Super Dome, sky top car, and sleepers, running along the Dells, the Mississippi, and the electrified territory in the mountains. Visits to many tourist spots along the way and in the Pacific Northwest are included. In true Milwaukee style, a polka band, probably from its namesake city, sings an accordion accompanied song “On the Old Milwaukee Road.” Sure to bring back some fond memories of the favorite fallen flag of many.
Approximately 45 minutes.

Pennsylvania Railroad—Fleet of Modernism (black and white)
Done by the PRR in the late 1940’s, the entire PRR passenger fleet is advertised, as are modern “truck train” operations of the PRR in those days. See early PRR diesels, some great steam shots, and the magnificent GGI power pulling trains all over the railroad and visit PRR’s Sunnyside passenger yard in New York where trains are cleaned and stocked for their next trip. PRR also proudly explains its foolproof signal systems and modern train radio communication system.
Approximately 40 minutes.

The Super Chief
A 22 minute Santa Fe 16mm film now on VHS shows the interior and features of the most famous transcontinental streamliner—including sleeping, dome, and dining accommodations and many run-by shots along the route.
Approximately 22 minutes.


Wheels of Progress
Rock Island advertised its was the “road of planned progress, geared to the Nation’s Future.” Unfortunately, its 1980 bankruptcy and cessation of operations ended any hopes of that. But, in the early 1950’s. the ROCK had this 20 minute color film put together touting all of its technical and operating progress and efficiencies and this is one you’ll enjoy too. Obtained from the Trustee of the Rock Island in bankruptcy—one of the last copies available.
Approximately 20 minutes.
Big Trains a Rolling
A late 1940’s AAR public relations video, with shots of freight and passenger trains, of dozens of now fallen flag railroads across the USA and in Canada—great run-by of early diesels and some late steam. Approximately 30 minutes.

  • Within The Oval

    This after WWll color production by the NYC tells its employees about the railroad's freight and passenger trains improvement to services as part of an after war spending. Employment oppportunites are available at the NYC and what those jobs/positions did for the rail effort. Approx. 21 minutes by AAR
  • The Western Pacific Railroad Success Story

    This early 1950's black and white video is from a TV show sponsored by an oil company. It tells the story of the modern Western Pacific. There are shots of servicing the CA Sephyr and its power. Operating shots of the WP freight operation are covered. There is an interview with WP's President Myron Cristlies. Approx. 27 minutes

This sixteen- minute video chronicles the significance of the rr industry and its impact on everday lives of Americans and businesses. From raw materials transported by rail, to the products people buy each day, railroads play an important role to America's industry and jobs. The video explains the challenges railroads face to continue being the most energy efficient mode of surface transportation, along with the importance to continue fair public policy.

DVD $5.50, 10 or more $5.35, 25 or more $5.30 vital


  • America's Railroads - Pulling in the Public Interest
    A one hour DVD with action shots as well as narrative and facts and statistics which discuss the infrastructure gridlock of America's freight and passenger railroads, fuel and transport economics of rail versus other modes, and, action which can be taken to make America more competitive again by the use of rail.

    OTHER DVDSAlcos and the Minnesota Commercial: A System Wide Look at the MNNR and Connecting Railroads
    The Minnesota Commercial is a switching terminal & transfer railroad that is located in the Midway Region of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The MNNR operates with a fascinating diesel roster that includes both switchers and road diesels consisting of 14 Alcos, 8 EMD's, 1 GE and a MLW-cat. That great Alco sound and smoke are featured with models C424, M630, RS18, RS20, RS23, and RS27. This exciting video features yard switching at the Midway and Hiawatha yards. Locals that travel north to Fridley, northeast to Hugo, and east to Bayport. Plus transfers with long trains going north to the WC at New Brighton, southeast to the UP at St. Paul, and west to the BNSF's Northtown yard. Exciting Cab rides are also featured on two Alcos and a GE plus connecting railroads of the BNSF, UP, CP, TC&W, WC, and Amtrak. Footage era 1995 to 1999.
    Approximately 110 minutes. $15.00
    All Aboard! American Train Journeys Volume 3
    In this third installment, the American Train Journeys DVD explores the legendary route of Amtrak's Empire Builder between Chicago and Seattle. In addition, there is incredible footage of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad traveling along the Rio Grande route between Antonito and Chama. You'll be sure to love the spectacular shots filmed by the famed railroad photographer Emery Gulash. 100 minutes
    Corn Belt Railroads in the 1950's
    C. Vision Productions takes you to the 1950's train movements in Iowa and Mississippi River Valley in Wisocnsin in the Corn Belt Railroads. View steam and early diesel operations on the Rock Island. Rare footage of Milwaukee's gas car passenger route between Des Moines and Spirit Lake, Iowa.Much more of Wisconsin and Illinois. 166 minutes $13.00
    Epic Train Journeys-Great RR Adventures
    We embark on three truly legendary train trips: Australia Sydney-Perth, Canada Vancouver to Banff, South Africa Pretoria to Cape Town. 96 minutes $13.00
    Great American Rail Journeys-Anchorage to Seward
    Rugged beauty and frontier spirit is offered. Journey down the Kenai Peninsula along Turnagain Arm, through the Kenai Mts and the Kenai Fjords National Park. 54 minutes $15.00
    Great American Train Ride Deluxe Box Set 4
    Journey begins Cumbres & Toltec Scenic over the rugged track from Colorado to NM> Then Winter Steam Spectacular, Santa Fe Mainline Memories, and Alaska's White Pass & Yukon.
    Great Trains of America - Eastern Railroading
    Featured RR: New Hampshire Steam, Strasburg, Cass, Illinois Railway Museum. Ride great steam trains. Operate Amtrak's super locomotive, explore the future of American passenger railroads, and special features. $13.00
    The Green Bay Route
    Railroads powered by Alco diesel locomotives like The Green Bay & Western. Follow road trains across Wisconsin. 72 minutes $13.00
    Minnesota's Railroads Vol 6 - Minnesota Commercial Railway
    Tour of railroads operationing in MN. Visit this short line carrier that operates in the Twin Cities on over 150 miles. Includes GE Dash 7 locomitves, B-23, C424, and RS-27s. 119 minutes $11.00
    Where the Past Comes Alive - The History Channel
    Modern Marvels freight trains. West. 50 minutes $13.00
    vhs only
  • All Aboard Series Volume 1
    This VHS takes you from coast to coast during the glory days of steam and first-generation diesals. Volume 1 showcases famous locations, trains, and equipment of the Santa Fe and Pennsylvania Railroad from 1952 to 1980.
    Approximately 60 minutes $11.00
  • America's Historic Steam Railroads- Georgetown Loop
    Located in the Rocky Mountais it was built in the 1870's to serve the booming mining towns. This narrow gauge line was an engineering wonder of its time. .
  • American Train Journeys ll—A Four Volume Set
    A sequel to Journey l with only vistas available from a train. The collection starts with The Empire Builder, Colorado Steam::Chama Turn, Steam Giants across America, and Steam Short lines of the south.VHS
    $35.00 plus shipping and handling for complete set
Amazing Alcos by Classic Trains
60 minutes of vintage diesels hard at work from NY to California.
$9.95 plus shipping and handling
  • Conrail's Chicago Gateway (Trains on Location)
    The busiest area of railroad in North America. Tour Conrail's across Northwestern Indiana.
    $8.00 plus shipping and handling
  • Historic American Steam Railroads—A Nine Volume VHS Set
    Includes videos of Stasburg, Cumbres, and Toltec, Georgetown Loop, Illinois Railway Museum, New Hampshire Steam railroads, Grand Canyon Railroad, California Western, and other modern day steam tourist operations in the USA.
    $66.00 plus shipping and handling.
  • Broadway Limited
    This VHS is the story of the Broadway from 1902 to its death in 1995.

  • Danger Lights
    A film originally produced 1930 on the Milwaukee west lines, about love, railroading, and the mountains; this contains many run-by's of steam and some electric power.


  • History of the Air Brake
    / This is the story of how and why George Westinghouse came about to invent the modern railroad airbrake and how it has evolved and improved up to the late 19th century.
    $5.00 Approximately 33 minutes Railmode.
  • The Milwaukee Road between Chicago and MSP
    Ride the route of the Milwaukee Road between Chicago and MSP on Amtrak's Empire Builder—with video of the Milwaukee skyline, Wisconsin Dells, Amphibious Ducks (land-water tour vehicles), Pewaukee Lake, and meets with CP and other freight trains as seen from the head end. With bonus footage of Minnesota Commercial and CP in St. Paul, new UP—Triple Crown train, and other Chicagoland railroading.
    Approximately 60 minutes.

  • Milwaukee Road West
    An excellent VHS, over an hour long, that follows the Milwaukee from 1955 to the early 1970’s on its way west to Seattle.
  • Trains Unlimited Built For SpeedRevisits the glory days of streamliners and introduces the super trains that are now poised to revolutionize America railroadsing. $9.
  • Passenger Trains of the 60's Vol 1,2,3 Vol 1-New England, Vol 2- Trains of New Orleans and Atlanta, Vol 3 Trains of Birmingham $30.00
  • Railroads and Coal Norfolk Southern's Pokey, the scenic Pocahontas District between Bluefield and Williamson, West Virginia. $10.00
  • Sunrise Sunset A Day at Gibbon Junction Enjoy an entire day's activity at a busy railroad location. 73 different trains condensed into 73 action packed minutes. $9.00
  • Portrait of a Railroad—Western Coal Connection
    This two part video, produced in the early 70’s as a 16mm film by the BN, details the planning and millions spent to make the BN merger work with new yards, power, and operating techniques. The other movie, also produced by BN, shows the building of the coal line into the Powder River basin back about that time, as well. An excellent bit of history of the development done by NE back in the 1970’s to position their successor as a successful western carrier today.
    Approximately 60 minutes.Railmode $7.00

  • Rail Away, Epic Train Journeys Vol. 2—A Four Volume Set
    Eleven train voyages to the hidden corners of the world. Australia/Peru. Holland/ Switzerland/ Norway, Ireland/Scotland & England/ Canada, Rumania/South Africa/Hungary
    $30.00 plus shipping and handling.

  • Vignettes of the Western Maryland Volume I
    Vignettes of the final 35 years of the "WildMary. Volume I follows this scenic railway from MD to WV to PA.
    Approximately 60 minutes
    $10 plus shipping and handling
  • Western Pacific on TV
    A 1956 television show saluting the history of the modern WP.
    Approximately 30 minutes.


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