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  Rebuilt Alco Switcher on the Ann Arbor
                 The Ann Arbor was a regional railroad which ran between Toledo, Ohio, and, Frankfort, Michigan, where it connected with its own Lake Michigan car ferries that operated from Frankfort to the Wisconsin Ports of Kewaunee and Manitowac..At one time,  the car ferries provided a valuable, time saving alternative connecting eastern and western railroads. In Wisconsin, the "Annie" car ferries connected with Green Bay and Western, CNW  and the SOO Line.They could haul up to 25 or 30 railcars, and also, provided a great short cut for trucks, autos, and passengers as well. The midpoint on the "Annie" was Owosso, MI, where trains were classified for Toledo and Frankfort. #7, an Alco S1 switcher, was rebuilt by the proud folks of the railroad's Owosso Shops, and, is  shown here on a cold winter day fresh from the shops after a rebuild and a fresh paint job, and, made up the  road trains of the Annie. Sadly, subsidization of the Annie, and particularly the high costs of the boat operations, in the spring of l982 marked the end of the Lake Ferries and the Annie shortly thereafter went into  bankruptcy. After reorganization, the Annie was reduced to a profitable structure between Toledo and just North of the City of Ann Arbor and remains in operation today.

                              Photo by Forrest L. Becht, the CMO of the Ann Arbor who oversaw the rebuild of #7

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