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City of LA Departs Marion, Iowa.

First 104 Eastbound from Marion. The 1969 holiday season marked the very last time the Union Pacific and Milwaukee Roads operated 2 sections of what by then, had become the combined cities of Denver, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francissco. The town of Marion, and station stop for Cedar Rapids, IA is visible in the west as this train has just left for the Marion depot about 6 minutes earlier. This picture was take December 28,1969 and the train appears to be the City of Denver-Portland section, judging from the the equipment. A Milwaukee E9 and rare FP45 unit trailing are in the lead. A Chicago arrival is just 4 hours away. Whilte the steel rail hasn't heard the news, this passenger service only has 17 months left before Amtrak decides this route is not vital. By 1980, the Milwaukee has abandoned the entire mainline to Omaha and the track now, long torn out and farmers reclaiming the property of this once high speed line.


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